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The Macau Designers Association (MDA) was founded on 18 May 1986. It is a professional and non-profit art and cultural association comprising graphic, product, interior and web designers, as well as commercial photographers, illustrators and other creative professionals. Over the past thirty years, MDA has been sparing no effort to fulfil the mission: ‘Unite Macao designers, protect their interest, enhance professionalism and facilitate external exchange’

About MDA 關於設計師協會

早於1994年,現代設計概念尚未被澳門市場所認識的時候,成功舉辦澳門本地首個大型的綜合性設計比賽-「澳門設計雙年展」,不單推動了澳門本地設計意識的開展,也大大提高本地的設計水平,獲得社會大眾的關注,為往後每屆的「澳門設計雙年展」成功和發展奠立重要的基石。「澳門設計雙年展」迄今已成功舉辦了十三屆,並於2019年改名為「澳門設計大獎」,對業內及社會起著積極的影響。澳門設計師協會亦不斷舉辦不同類型的創作展覽和設計交流活動,各地設計師反應熱烈,對於兩岸四地和亞洲地區的設計界有著良好形象,是重要的區域性組織。 In 1994, when the modern concepts of design professions were not widely understood in Macao, MDA successfully held the 1st Macau Design Biennial – the first large integrated design competition in the city. The competition did not only stimulate the development of local design awareness, but also significantly improved the standard of local designs and discovered a group of distinguished local talent. In 2019, the Macau Design Biennial has been repositioned and officially renamed as the Macau Design Award, seeking to further expand the influence of its competition and exhibition as well as to raise the overall level of Macao’s design profession. Meanwhile, MDA has been regularly organizing various design exhibitions and exchange activities, which received enthusiastic responses from designers both in Macao and from abroad, and created a good image among the design industries in the Greater China Area and in Asia. No longer does MDA serve merely as a local design association; it has evolved into an important regional organisation playing a positive role in China as well as in Asia.