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Calvin Sio 蕭啟東





His works have received awards from multiple international authoritative design organizations and have been featured in various domestic and international design magazines. Among them, they were included in TIME magazine’s “2021 Best Inventions,” recognized as one of the most representative and influential contemporary inventions. He advocates for innovative thinking as the center of sustainable development for society, leading Macau brands towards international recognition.

He has successfully promoted his brand to world-renowned cultural landmarks such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, Le Bon Marché in France, Shibuya Loft in Japan, and Tsutaya Bookstore. Furthermore, he focuses on the possibilities of future green innovation, presenting a responsible, culturally nourishing, and environmentally friendly lifestyle for contemporary society. Through innovative thinking and strategic initiatives, he integrates simple and pure sustainability concepts to promote positive social impact and raise public awareness and concern for sustainable development.

Breaking the boundaries of local geography, technological limitations, and specialized talent in Macau through interdisciplinary design, he connects core industries such as science, life sciences, art, and culture, exploring social practices in urban planning, architecture, new materials, technology, health, and culture within the context of future circular economy strategies. Through cross-industry “symbiosis,” he aims to create a truly comprehensive circular economic system, where resources are shared to generate sustainable business value.

Design Portfolio 設計作品集