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Lok 洪家樂


Loksophy Design創辦人兼設計總監。1990年生於澳門,2016年倫敦藝術大學品牌設計系碩士學位畢業。現任澳門設計師協會理事長、澳門設計留學生協會會長、澳門理工學院設計課程兼職教師。在澳門這個小城,努力以各種身份推動設計在社會的影響力,並透過商業、教育、協會向全球輸出澳門設計。 

Founder and Design Director. Born in 1990 in Macau, graduating from MA degree Graphic Branding & Identity Design at London College of Communication in 2016. Currently, he is the director of Macau Designers Association, the president of Macau Design Overseas Students Association, and the part-time teacher of design course of Macau Polytechnic Institute. In this small city of Macao, he strive to promote the influence of design in society in various capacities, and export Macao design to the world through business, education and associations.

Design Portfolio 設計作品集